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The latest update on Lynus, Duke and the great folks who are helping them.

The photo shows from left to right Lauren Caldwell (Soul Dogs Rescue & Rehabilitation), Captain Jason Austin (Alexandria Police Department), Kerry Kane (Heart of Hoosierland Humane Society), and Jackie Gorman. The two dogs are Duke /on the left, and Lynus.

These dogs were abandoned in an Alexandria home for 3 months, never having the opportunity to go outside.  A concerned citizen provided food and water intermittently.  They were eventually rescued by the Alexandria Police Department. They were found in deplorable surroundings, living in their own excrement.

The dogs received initial vet care at Alexandria Animal Hospital which amounted to over $800.00. This bill was covered by a generous, anonymous citizen of Alexandria. With no Animal Shelter in Alexandria, the dogs were taken to a building at the water plant and were cared for by Captain Austin until the Heart of Hoosierland Humane Society became aware of the situation and offered to foster the dogs and provide ongoing necessary medical care. 

Eventually Duke had surgery for an ACL tear of his knee and Lynus was neutered. After three months of fostering, we received a phone call from Jackie Gorman expressing interest in adopting Lynus. He is now living the life with Jackie and her husband Rodney and their 2 other dogs. They are extremely loving people and take excellent care of their dogs. After Duke's surgery, Lauren Caldwell offered to foster him while he completed his medically supervised therapy after knee surgery. He just finished his last session yesterday and is ready for his forever home.  You just couldn’t ask for a better dog!

Several different entities and people worked together to turn a tragic situation into a happy ending. The owner who abandoned the dogs is being prosecuted.

For anyone wishing to help with the vet bills ($2150.00), can do so by clicking the Donate  button on our web site .... .hhhumanesociety.org.


Lynus in his forever home!

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18 de jun. de 2021

Linus is happy as ever!

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